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Repeatedly proved possibilities to establish good governance
practices and support to expand opportunities
for successful and sustainable economic development.


Jamie began his professional career as the First Nations Liaison for Klohn-Crippen Consultants, an environmental consulting firm based in Vancouver BC. At Klohn-Crippen, he built a solid reputation in community engagement and consultation and in commercial information technology applications.

In 2005, Jamie launched Sa’hetxw Consulting where he has planned and delivered a wide range of successful projects for his clients, from broadband network projects and customized computer science courses to community capacity development and planning.


Now, as both an Information & Communications Technology (ICT) expert and a seasoned Aboriginal Governance consultant and facilitator, who has a background in traditional and digital arts, Jamie brings a truly unique blend of expertise, a remarkably diverse skill set, and a wealth of experience to any project he takes on. He also brings his passion and boundless energy.

He’s a member of the Gitxsan Nation and currently sits as Chair of the Board of Governors for Nicola Valley Institute of Technology. He relishes the overlap between his various disciplines and fields of knowledge, embracing both the traditional and the modern.

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    Our company repeatedly proves it is possible to establish good governance practices to support and expand opportunities. Strong governance leads to improved programs and services and successful, sustainable economic development. However, we also understand good governance is about more than financial gain.
    Caring for the land, improving health, and providing educational opportunities are equally important drivers. Preserving language and culture, reflecting community needs, and working with government, regulatory, and outside agencies are also vital to community success. We want you to learn how to plan and govern for a stronger, happier, healthier community.