/ Behind the Lens

Tranquille, Kamloops BC

I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1970. After leaving Winnipeg, our family lived to Northern Ireland & Arizona before moving to Hazelton where we stayed until I graduated from high school in 1988. Living in Hazelton I was fortunate to grow up spending the majority of my youth in the outdoors in this beautiful Northwest region of British Columbia.

After high school, I moved to Ottawa, and then Vancouver to work and start a family. My proudest accomplishment will always be becoming a dad. For the last six years I have called Kamloops home, where I now reside with my two daughters.

Born into an artistic family, I acquired my  interest from “Pop”, my grandfather on my mother’s side, as well as from my father and uncles all of whom are accomplished artists and craftsmen in their own right.

As long as I can remember I have loved all aspects of photography, from taking darkroom courses in Grade school, to mastering a film camera and now moving into the digital world. To me, photography is an art form that captures a fleeting or memorable moment and preserves it forever.

My first camera i purchased in 1988, a brand new Pentax SF1, which I used till purchasing my first digital in 2001, the nikon 995.  In 2004 I bought my first Digital SLR, the Nikon D70 – woah what a game changer and once I beat that to death, moved onto the Nikon D300 and started working on acquiring some quality high-end glass, clearly one of the most important tools in my case.

I have been fortunate to strengthen my technique studying under some amazing Kamloops area photographers, which have helped bring my images to another level.

If you want to know what my current kit looks like head over to my Gear Bag and take a boo.